New reflex hammer; Aster KNT system hammer

New reflex hammer; Aster KNT system hammer

New complex neurological diagnostic device/reflex hammer (Aster KNT system hammer) appeared on the market, but you can buy it only via on line in Japanese.

Mr. Sadaaki Kitoh, who manufactures prototypes by lathe processing etc., has made prototype of this hammer. Mr. Ryo Takeuchi, who is a disciple of Mr. Sadaaki Kitoh, runs a factory called Takeuchi Kogyo and so he mass-produced our new products. It was almost manual work rather than mass production. Mr. Satoshi Nishimura of Aster Electrics, who has a license for medical equipment manufacturing and marketing business, finally made me realize the dream, and we finally launched a new reflex hammer. (Ideal system reflex hammer with tune fork, neurological diagnostic device) This is registered as a Japan utility model patent No. 3202768 (registration date January 27, 2016). And since this is medical equipment which was approved by PMDA(Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency) of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, you can use it safely and with honor. It is inevitably expensive because it has been approved for being a medical instrument in Japan. It can be said that it is guaranteed by PMDA. In Japan it is relatively difficult to obtain approval for medical equipment, so you can understand that neuro-diagnostic devices as new medical instruments have not been released until now. These products have the following features.

There is a “normal type” with only “handle” with a tapping head and “tuning fork type” where the part of the handle was in the form of a tuning fork.

The parts of the head for tapping are common and compatible between the two types. The tuning fork type becomes a simple tuning fork if you remove the head parts. Both types have built-in brush and needle. There is a protrusion that leads out the Babinski sign, and when you remove it by twisting, the built-in needles which are useful for scratch or pin prick test comes out.

The tuning fork type has protrusions (needle built in) on both sides of the tuning fork. If you use these two protrusions by scratching both the sole of the foot and the outside of the instep simultaneously which means simultaneous induction of both Babinski and Chaddock method. Although there is no evidence, I guess that we can diagnose pyramidal tract signs with higher sensitivity. The products are made of duralumin, the surface is hard alumite treated, by which the surface is harder than steel and less susceptible to scratches. However, since holes are drilled in each part of the device and it is delicate design, if you fall, it will cause deformation or breakdown, so please be careful not to drop it. This hammer has a sufficient weight, it is heavier than most commercial items and has a strong tapping power.  The tuning fork part is made with high accuracy, and the duration time of vibration is long enough. In any way we strongly recommend these Japanese quality equipment.

If you would like to ask any question, please contact me. I can order Aster Electric Co., Ltd., what you want to buy on behalf of you.